IceTop, the Air Shower Array of IceCube
Cosmic Rays in Antartica
Welcome To The IceTop Web page!
IceTop/IceCube scetch
Sketch of the IceCube detector. Each cross on the surface represents two IceTop tanks.

What are cosmic rays? Or air showers? What does an air shower array do? How does it work? Why does it have to be at the South Pole? And what can we learn by all these immense efforts?

We set out to create this web site to answer these and other questions that you might have about the research program the IceCube collaboration and in particular the IceTop group is carrying out. Over time, we will fill this section with stories and pictures, so feel free to come back and check with us again.

As the amount of information on these pages grow, you might find some things interesting, others puzzling, and yet others not detailed enough. Please, share your impression and experience you have with our web page with us.

And now.... Let the journey begin!