IceTop, the Air Shower Array of IceCube
Building an Air Shower Array
From Winchester To The South Pole
IceTop Tank IceTop Tank
The tanks were painted, wrapped, and loaded on a truck for the long journey to the South Pole. The first stop is Port Hueneme, CA where the tanks are crated, placed in sea containers, and are loaded on a ship. The ship will take them to McMurdo Station on the coast of Antarctica.
IceTop Tank IceTop Tank
From McMurdo the tanks are flown to South Pole Station by C130 (Hercules) military cargo aircraft. The 109th ANG wing, from New York, operates and maintains the special fleet of Hercs that are outfitted with skis for landing on the snow at Pole.
Building an Air Shower Arrayk Building an Air Shower Arrayk