IceTop, the Air Shower Array of IceCube
Education and Outreach
Life at the South Pole by James Roth (Jun 15, 2007)

UD scientists build an 'IceTop' at the bottom of the world
by Tracey Bryant (May 23, 2007)

UD researchers mark International Polar Year
by Neil Thomas (Mar 2, 2007)

Charter School of Wilmington (Jan 24, 2007)

Wednesday afternoon, lunch time, a group of high school students and teachers give up there lunch period and half of the next period to hear Professor David Seckel explain his research programs and the fundamentals of particle physics and cosmic rays today. From the origins of discovery to the exciting IceTop program at the South Pole , particle physics and cosmic rays were explained in detail. Dave's drawling Feynman stick figures and analogies of Kirchhoff's laws had the students attention. Putting the historical context of the neutrino's detection and the future of the science was a major part of his presentation.

Professor David Seckel was an invited guest speaker at the Charter School of Wilmington. On January 24th he gave a talk titled "Astronomy in Antarctica". When the subject of the WMAP spacecraft was brought up , the sponsor teacher Chuck Biel had to interrupt and made it known that his math class's have been crunching some of the numbers from the instrument. There simply was not enough time, just seconds before the bell rang Dave still had 10 more slides to go!

Dave Seckel at the Charter School of Wilmington

UD scientists help build neutrino telescope in Antarctica
by Neil Thomas (Feb 15, 2005)

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